This place is kinda hard to find but definitely worth it. Clint took great care of my M3, was very professional, and extremely knowledgeable.
Clint gave me a very reasonable up front quote and I was able to watch while he did my exhaust install.  I don’t trust very many people to work on my new car but was more than happy to see how well he took care of it. Would definitely recommend.     -Reggae P.  Belleville Canada


Very very efficient, accurate and professional with their service. They even called to check and see if everything was working. Highly recommend their services.                  –Kimberly Lopez

I’d had my Mini into a couple of shops for alignment and they couldn’t get it right. Clint figured out the problem and got it perfect. I needed some other deferred maintenance work done and it was done right, quickly, with a fair price and no oversell. I’m very satisfied and I see where all these 5 star ratings come from. By appointment but well worth the wait. For those of you who are reading this testimonial I would like to say from the get-go that these guys are just short of being able to walk on water. If you do not avail yourselves of their services you are only hurting yourself.                                                                                                                                            -Scott D.

First impression: I scoured the web for Miata freaks in Houston and ran into many positive and no negative references to Gas Head Motorworks, Clint and/or Sam. OK, it’s worth the effort for me to drive in from Montgomery with my new convertible top in the trunk and check ‘em out. I turn them loose and go get a bite to eat. When I get back I notice a screw missing from one of the sun visor brackets and, pointing to a similar screw in another location on the car and ask, “If you happen to have an extra one of these screws lying around would you put it in my sun visor bracket? I see I’m missing one.”
Clint (without pausing): “You don’t want that screw in your sun visor bracket, you want a pan head screw. That’s a flat head screw.”
When was the last time you were in the presence of a someone so thoroughly steeped in the details of their profession?
Needless to say the top replacement was without flaw. I soon returned for their Maximus Tune up/Check out. Their work transformed the characteristics of the car from “slop and flop” to “snick and click”. Everything was tight and true and it was difficult for me to keep the grin off my face.
-Ray Bennett

My 2000 Miata has found a new garage, when it needs repairs. Clint took my car in, replaced the timing belt and other repairs that were needed to keep it running brand new and he was done the following day. In by 10 am Wednesday, done by the end of the day Thursday! Picked the car up and the engine was clean, even more clean than the day it rolled out of the plant. Beyond reasonable pricing and very professional. Thanks Clint, the car works great.
-Jamie House

There is a reson you will see nothing less than five stars as ratings for Gas Head. They earn every star. I heard rave reviews for several years from all the other Lotus owners who had taken their cars to Gas Head, but had not taken my Elise there because their location is just not convenient for me. Now I am a convert. These guys are the real deal. They know what they are doing. They are honest. They will tell you what they can do and when they can do it and be absolutely right most of the time. They will also advise you what they think you should not do if they think it is not good value for you. They care about each car as if it was their own and their lives depended on things being done right. If I could give a higher rating I would.
-Reid Albin

Clint is very trustworthy. He doesn’t just work on Miatas though. That’s how we found him originally, but he works on everything 🙂
His rate is the same as taking my car to the VW dealer, except that I have more faith that his work is solid and done with pride.
-Heather McColgan

I’ve been a customer for over ten years. Why? I want the best for my dual-purpose (track/street) ’99 Mazda Miata.
-Steve Price

These guys are my favorite little “hidden” jem and secret tool to my Mini Cooper running efficiently. I can’t say I want too many people knowing about them – but they’re so good at what they do, I had to leave a rave review. All around nice guys. Their shop is clean and organized. They get your car in and out in a timely manner. Sam even takes the time to explain what’s going on and answers all my pesky questions. I also like that they ask for you to make an appointment. The appointments are usually a few weeks out, but at least you know they’ve made the time to work on your car.
-Billie J.

Love this place, these guy love their job. I’m a car guy that knows enough to love them but not enough to work on them. However i always feel in good hands with these guys. They always work on time, the work is some of the best I’ve seen and last time i showed up to pick up my car they were tightening my lug nuts with a torque wrench… who does that?! These guys cause they like cars and also care about you car. I highly recommend this place.
-Jose G.

These guys did a great job on my Miata. They even were able to squeeze in replacing my almost-gone belts the same day I came to ask them about getting some work done because I was an idiot and didn’t realize how bad they were. Nice guys and they do great work.
-Matt S.

Today was my first time at Gas Head Motorworks. Went in for an alignment on my 2013 MINI Cooper S. The work was completed very expediently and at a fair price. Will definitely go back!
-Marry Larson

Nobody else is going to work on my car. GHM always exceeds my very high expectations!
-Eric Smith

The best mechanic in town and beyond.
-Laurie Brooks-Crim